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Host 360° Virtual Events by leveraging an ecosystem where people engage, network & connect.



The layout of the event from a user's perspective.

Unlike how physical events represent ordered chaos at a venue, we provide powerful features embedded into intuitive spaces that help organizers increase engagement, enhance networking and maximize brand visibility.

Entrance/ Lobby
  • Videowall

  • Info Poster Bots

  • Social Media wall

Discussion Area 
  • Topic Specific Rooms

  • Chats (moderate /group)

The Vault
  • Videos

  • PDF documents

  • Images

Entertainment  Zone
  • Games  

  • Photobooth  

  • Virtual tours  

      *  Space  

      * Underwater  

      * Explore 360 stories

The Auditorium
  • Zoom Integrations

  • Keynote Sessions

  • Panel Discussion

  • Chats (moderate /group)

  • Q&A Sessions

  • Quizzes

  • Live Polling

Global Features of the EVENT
  • Most mobile devices

  • Chrome/ Safari/ Microsoft Edge

  • Hotspot/ Click-n-Go based Navigation

  • Ambient Music

  • Global (Admin) Chat

  • Help Button (instructions on navigation)

  • Jump Button (navigate to any area)

  • Company Branding

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